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I aim to offer my clients a web site that best matches their needs for an affordable price. I make myself available to each business owner that wants a web site, but wants to avoid the large web design firm. I am able to provide the needed attention to each client to keep the client a part of the building process.

When you work with me you are working with the best. I work directly with other top designers and programmers, so you can feel confident that I will be able to meet any challenge you might have. This way you get professional work and only have to deal with one person. I keep you involved in every step of the process, I keep your project personal, and I stay involved directly with you. When I start on your project, your project is at the top of my list. Your site will never get lost in the shuffle or considered a low priority.

Once your site is launched, I will hang around. Let me worry about security updates, technical changes, and improvements. I can also handle your content updates, if you would rather let me handle it, while you focus on the core of your business. The choice is yours.

Steps of Web Design

Producing a web site is much more than HTML, image sources and tables. To develop a strong site you must follow a process….


The strategy phase includes: determining the project requirements, producing a requirements analysis, and developing site maps and process flows. This phase is essential because the strength of this phase will affect how efficiently the other phases will come together.

The design phase is the prototyping phase. The look and feel of the site is created here. The information from the strategy phase is applied here to develop a functional prototype.

The development phase includes gathering the content for the site, ensuring it is accurate, and assembling the pages. After the pages are assembled quality assurance testing must be done to make certain the site is functional.

The release phase is the uploading of the site. This should be done before the agreed upon “go live” date to make sure no problems arise.